college hockey rink dimensions

What Are College Hockey Rink Dimensions?

Hockey popularity is among colleges and young adult students. Due to the game being widely played worldwide, college students take an immense interest in learning hockey. Colleges in cities have facilities designed to support different kinds of games, hockey being one of them.

College hockey rink dimensions are usually aligning with national standards. Eventually, students have to compete nationally and internationally; this practice helps them prepare. These rinks also serve for inter and intra-college competitions.

Let’s look at college hockey rinks, their specifics, and famous colleges known for their hockey rinks.

The College Hockey Rink Prestige

College hockey rinks are known as ultimate battlegrounds where intense rivalry unfolds between the two opponents on a frozen surface. College hockey is considered one of North America’s most beloved college sports. From passionate student players to student spectators, it is loved by all. 

College hockey rinks are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), so it follows the exact dimensions of professional hockey rinks. The rink’s dimensions and environment ensure fairness, consistency, and a level playing field for all teams.

The professional hockey rink size measures 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width, encompassing 17,000 square feet. The shape is also the same, rectangle divided into zones and compartments. All colleges around America have the same rink size and zones.

college hockey rink dimensions

Zones of College Hockey Rinks

College hockey rinks have the same zones as NHL; also, the rinks worldwide share the same zones regardless of their size. The hockey rink is divided into three zones; their name will suggest the function of those zones.

Neutral Zone

The zone around both sides of the center, from the blue line to the blue line, is known as the neutral zone. This zone is an everyday battleground for both teams fighting for the puck. 

Offensive Zone

On both sides of neutral zones, the zone from the blue lines to the end of the boards lies the offensive zone. It is the space where other teams aim to create scoring opportunities and pressure opponent players. See how it is different than roller rink dimensions.

Defensive Zone

The defensive zone is the same as the offensive zone, lying to each team. They must defend their home against other teams and keep them from scoring the goal. The home team players are strategically positioned to save the puck from scoring a goal.

Most Famous Colleges with Hockey Rinks

Many colleges around the USA support hockey on campus and have hockey programs and, subsequently, hockey rinks. Their love and enthusiasm for hockey make them a good space for students who want to pursue hockey and their academics. 

Over 500 colleges and universities provide top-class hockey rinks and hold competitions yearly. New hockey rinks in other colleges are introduced each year, given the passion for sports. 

Colleges with a lack of hockey rink areas associate their students with other nearby colleges to facilitate their learning of hockey. Here is the list of the top fifteen colleges with hockey rinks and the largest seating capacity in the USA.

RankCollege NameStateRink Size (Seating Capacity)
1University of North DakotaNorth DakotaRalph Engelstad Arena (11,643)
2University of MinnesotaMinnesota3M Arena at Mariucci (10,000)
3University of WisconsinWisconsinKohl Center (15,359)
4Penn State UniversityPennsylvaniaPegula Ice Arena (5,782)
5University of MichiganMichiganYost Ice Arena (5,800)
6University of Notre DameIndianaCompton Family Ice Arena (5,022)
7Ohio State UniversityOhioValue City Arena (17,500)
8University of Minnesota DuluthMinnesotaAMSOIL Arena (6,726)
9Boston UniversityMassachusettsAgganis Arena (6,300)
10University of New HampshireNew HampshireWhittemore Center (6,501)
11Colorado CollegeColoradoBroadmoor World Arena (7,343)
12Michigan State UniversityMichiganMunn Ice Arena (6,114)
13University of DenverColoradoMagness Arena (6,026)
14University of VermontVermontGutterson Fieldhouse (4,007)
15The University of Alaska AnchorageAlaskaSullivan Arena (6,251)

High School Hockey Rink Dimensions

As you know, colleges have the exact hockey rink dimensions as the NHL; now you might be thinking, are high school hockey rinks the same size as NHL? Yes, high schools also adhere to the size of NHL rinks providing standard conditions for students to learn and participate in hockey. 

So, the high school with hockey and hockey rink facilities measures approximately 200 feet in length and 85 feet. Students can keep their hockey rink stay frozen to enjoy long events in summer.


The college hockey rink dimensions are the same as the NHL hockey rink dimensions consisting of 100 feet long and 85 feet wide. Colleges around the USA promote hockey through developed rink structures and facilities. Providing a fair chance for students who want to pursue hockey with their education.

Various colleges offer hockey-supported education opportunities for students with a knack for the sport. 


The professional hockey rink dimensions are the same as the NHL hockey rink, which measures 200 by 85 feet, with a corner radius of 28 feet and each goal line of 11 feet.

The three hockey zones are named in the purpose of the zone: defending zone, neutral zone, and offensive zone. The neutral zone is where both teams share the same space, the opponent zone is where the opposite team works, and the defending zone is your team’s zone.

Yes, the Olympic hockey rink is more significant than NHL just by width, only 15 feet more. It doesn’t seem too big of a difference; that’s why the game has no impact.

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