How big is a European hockey rink?

Why is European Hockey Rink Size Bigger?

Hockey is the heartthrob of all the sports played up til now. It is one of the old games in the history of humans and is like in every corner of the world. Having millions of spectators make hockey a more exciting and enjoyable game. Each year several leagues and tournaments gather people’s attention toward the game.

While the sport is trendy in North America, particularly in the United States and Canada, its presence in Europe is undeniable. The highlighted difference is the European hockey rink size, which is larger than the American rink. 

The rink size gives a robust European perspective on the game. Let’s explore more about the size difference of European rinks in this article.

European Ice Hockey Rink Size

European hockey might be seen the same from a distance and the same in terms of the game, but the rink’s dimensions are different. The rink size makes European hockey other than American in such regard. 

European hockey rinks are more comprehensive than the American ones. The dimensions are 100 feet (30 meters) in width and 200 feet (60 meters) in length. It might seem nothing, but the extra space plays a vital role in the speed of the play. It lets the strategies ploy more effectively, enhancing the game’s overall flow.

European Hockey Rink vs. American

European hockey rinks are designed to be wider than American rinks for spacious gameplay. The standard dimension of North American hockey rinks is a width of 85 feet (26 meters) and a length of 200 feet (61 meters). Now, European rinks are wider by 15 feet than American rinks. 

Other than that, all the European hockey rinks are designed to be more spacious, close to the standard of Olympic rinks. It allows players to form strategies more reasonably and with better maneuverability.

Different Sizes of European Hockey Rinks

Regarding the size of hockey rinks finding unity is heard, even within Europe. If you delve further, you will witness how big is a European hockey rink in different regions. 

european hockey rink size

IIHF Rink Size

The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) is considered the largest among all other rink sizes. It is most widely acceptable for international competitions. The dimensions measure 30 meters (98.4 feet) in width and 60 meters (196.9 feet) in length.

So, why are European rinks bigger? This site offers more space for better gameplay, fast pace puck chasing, and easy movements on the rink. IIHF is the most acceptable and followed style all over Europe.

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American Rink Size

Some European countries have grown into adopting the size of the American rink. They follow the same ideology, emphasizing a quicker, more physical style of play. According to most people, this induces tough competition in hockey, which is interesting. 

It balances open space and skill-driven play style with dimensions of 26-30 meters (85-98.4 feet) in width and 56-61 meters (183.7-200 feet) in length. Know about roller hockey dimensions.

Olympic Size Rinks

In some European places, Olympic rink sizes are followed to create harmony with the standards of the most significant international platform. The dimensions range from 28-30 meters (91.9-98.4 feet) in width and 58-60 meters (190.3-196.9 feet) in length.

The Olympic rink dimensions are designed ideally to grant players a moderate amount of space to showcase their abilities. It lies between the size of American and IIHF rinks, giving a common ground. 

European Domestic League Rinks

Domestic leagues have variable sizes depending on the game’s rules and style. They are also on the broader side, believing in a more open-play strategy. The size depends on the country’s local preference and the hockey history. 

The sizes range from slightly larger adaptations of American rinks to closer to the wide measures of IIHF leagues. Do you ever wonder how hockey rinks stay frozen?

Historical and Bandy-Influenced Rinks

The dimensions of these rinks are far more comprehensive than the IIHF. There is no standard uniform soze for Bandy-Influenced rinks; they vary according to the area and type of league. The main focus of such setups is a traditional style of play with open ice and a focus on skillful maneuvers.


While discussing European hockey rink size, various rink sizes are followed everywhere. There are different rink dimensions, from the most commonly observed IIHF rinks size to the more traditional Bandy styles. The history of sports in other regions heavily influences the rink sizes in Europe. 

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The European hockey rink is far broader than the American one and is designed for spacious gameplay. It has standard dimensions of 60 meters by 30 meters (197 feet by 98.5 feet).

Yes, there are two most followed hockey rink sizes. One is American rink size, derived from the ideal conditions of NHL games; the second is European, also known as IIHF league size.

Yes, international hockey rinks, such as Olympic ones, are more extensive than the NHL ones. The length of the rink is the same, but it’s more comprehensive, approximately around 15 feet wider than the NHL rinks size. 

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