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Hockey Rink Dimensions – All You Need to Know in [2024]

The size of the hockey rink has been under debate since the dawn of the game, which makes players need clarification to perform on international platforms. Rink dimensions have always been a concerning point, but do the hockey rink dimensions matter or have any impact on the game?

European and American hockey rinks differ, confusing found and spectators. However, the issue of a standard size for hockey rinks worldwide is always a hot topic everywhere. Everyone wonders, despite the same game structure, why the rink size is different.

In this article, I will talk more about hockey rink size, comparing American and European hockey rinks and the impact of size on performance.

What are the Dimensions of a Hockey Field?

Hockey is a game loved by millions and dates back to pre-historic ages. It is played on a rectangular field which is termed a rink. The size of the rink is variable according to different regions and types of playing conditions.

Usually, NHL rink sizes are considered standard in most places, including Canada and North America. The dimensions of the NHL measure 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width, providing a compact yet dynamic playing surface.

Are all Hockey Rinks the Same Size?

The straight answer to this question is no; not all hockey rink is the same in dimensions. You might have heard that the rink size for American and European hockey is different. Although there is only a little more considerable difference except for width, still the debate is never-ending.

Talking about the USA hockey rink dimensions, the standard size of NHL hockey is followed on all the professional and non-professional hockey rinks. In contrast, European hockey rinks are wider than NHL rinks.

Also, the rink size in the Olympics is different than in both America and Europe. However, it is quite a roader, which makes it easier for European players to adapt to it. Despite of size difference, participants continue to roll on Olympic rinks.

How many yards is a hockey rink?

European Hockey Rink Size

In Europe, the rinks are designed using more expansive spaces; it almost resembles the rinks of the Olympics. These are larger than NHL rinks, consisting of dimensions measuring around 210 feet (64 meters) in length and 98 feet (30 meters) in width. The bigger size means better conditions to play on the field.

NHL Hockey Rink Dimensions

NHL rink dimensions are also considered American standard hockey rink dimensions. NHL rink dimensions’ history remains the same for years to this day. It measures 200 feet by 85 feet since the NHL league’s inception. All kinds of hockey rinks in different American leagues share the same size as this one.

AHL Rink Dimensions

NHL introduced American Hockey League (AHL), a prominent developmental league that features dimensions identical to the parent league. So, for AHL, how big is a hockey rink in meters? The rink is 200 feet (60.96 meters) long and 85 feet (25.91 meters) wide.

The exact rink dimensions were proposed to allow players to transition smoothly between the platform of the two leagues. Both leagues hold their significance and reputation in the world of hockey.

Inline Hockey Rink Dimensions

Inline hockey is the adaptation of ice hockey, but it is played on a hard surface; their rink dimensions are usually the same as those of roller hockey rinks, around 184 feet (56 meters) in length and 80 feet (24 meters) in width.

Minor Hockey Rink Dimensions

Minor hockey is referred to as the hockey leagues arranged on a local level, such as inter-school, college, or for the practice of the players as they are for training. Hence, they aim to mimic all the conditions of the NHL rink, including dimensions.

Imperial Metric Conversions

You might need clarification about the units of measurement; according to the standard, the dimensions are measured in meters. If you don’t know about square meters and thinking that how many sq. ft. is a hockey rink? Well, 200 feet in length and 85 feet in width makes 17,000 sq. ft.

Also, how many yards is a hockey rink? Then the length is 66.6 yards for NHL standard dimension, and 28.33 yards is the width. Now, you know the dimensions of a hockey rink in feet, meters, square feet, and yards effortlessly.

Need of Standard Hockey Size

Differences in the hockey rink sizes make it difficult for national players to play on international rinks. They need time to adjust to the rink size, which impacts the game. That’s why the debate to propose standard size on hockey rinks has been going on for years. A standard rink size will form unity and is needed for the following reasons.

Reasons for One Standard SizeExplanation
ConsistencyUniform playing conditions across venues and leagues.
Fair CompetitionEqual opportunity for all teams, enhancing fairness.
Player DevelopmentSeamless skill transfer from youth to pro levels.
Strategic PlayFocus on tactics, not adapting to varying sizes.
Fan ExperienceMore effortless follow-up and better anticipation for fans.
Venue FlexibilityVersatile scheduling and venue usage for arenas.
Historical ContinuityPreserve the sport’s historical essence.
Player VersatilitySkills adaptable to different leagues/international play.
Rule ConsistencyEnforce rules consistently across all leagues.
International PlayFacilitate global competitions without adjustments.


They were rolling up the discussion on hockey rink dimensions; American and European are the two most followed rink sizes. American minors are smaller in width than those closer to Olympics hockey rinks. The difference in the rink size makes it challenging for the player to adapt to the change and threatens a harmonious play environment.

Share your stance on proposing one standard-size of hockey rink all over the world.


The Canadian hockey rink is measured 200ft. in length and 100 ft. in width, which is the maximum size. Otherwise, most Canadian rinks follow the standard size of NHL rinks.

The ice surface is divided into three zones; the area with the goal net is defending zone, the middle one is the neutral zone, and the area of the opposite team’s net is called the attacking zone.

In America, the standard size of the NHL hockey rink measures 61 meters in length and 26 meters in width, 200 feet by 85 feet. The size is mimicked in almost all of the hockey games around America.

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