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How to Construct a Netball Court?-Exact Measurements Disclosed 

Constructing a Netball Court requires careful planning and accurate measurements according to layout. The layout forms the foundation, and every detail, from flooring to markings and lighting, contributes to optimal gameplay. Firstly, the ground should be flat with proper drainage. 

Get rid of anything like rocks, trash, or plants that might get in the way. Then, see the visual overview of the layout to draw a basic picture of the court and get familiar with the netball court layout. 

After that, jump to step-by-step instructions to build the netball court section. We made the instructions easy to understand, so you can follow along even if you don’t know much about netball construction. Whether you’re making a court for a school, community, or sports club, this simple guide will help you make a netball court. Let’s get started!

Netball Court Construction Steps

Before we jump into the guide, here are some important things to look into for a well-constructed Netball Court. 

How to Construct a Netball Court

Best Flooring Options For Netball Court

Choosing the right flooring for your netball court is a very important decision. It affects how the game is played, how safe it is, and how long the court will last. There are two main options to consider:

  • Acrylic Hard Court: Acrylic hard courts are a great choice because they work well for every sports court. You can even choose the colors and designs you want on them. The surface of the court helps players get a good grip, so they can play comfortably regardless of the weather.
  • Synthetic Grass Court: Synthetic grass courts are good for both indoor and outdoor courts. The grass can absorb shocks and make netball more playable. This type of court is good for a variety of outdoor setting sports like netball and football.

Choosing The Right Paint For Markings

Picking the right paint for court lines is the next step. The paint should meet requirements for visibility, durability, and slip resistance. When the court is made of macadam, people often use acrylic paint that helps prevent slipping. 

But if the court is made of polymeric EPDM, we recommend using polyurethane paint as it works better. You can also choose different colors and add things to the paint to make it even better for the sport you’re playing.

A step-by-step guide to building your Netball Court 

Now that you are familiar with the layout and court dimensions, it’s time to get into the steps to construct a Netball Court:

Making the Base: Choose different materials like asphalt, concrete, or special stuff like rubber or acrylic. You need to make a good base that’s flat and strong. We recommend using a geotextile membrane to get a strong sub-base as well.

Drawing the Lines: Use good paint to mark the edges of the court. These edge lines show where the court ends so players know if the ball is in or out. Leave enough space between the court edge lines and things like walls or fences to keep players safe. Draw the middle line in the middle of the court. Also, draw the cross lines that go from side to side, about 7.625 meters from each goal line. Do not forget to draw the goal circles with a line that’s 4.9 meters from the center.

Set up the goal posts: Place goal posts at both ends of the court. They should be 3.05 meters high and in the middle of the goal line. Attach the netball hoop to the goalpost at a height of 3.05 meters. Make sure the net is fixed properly and doesn’t have anything in the way.

Install lights: Get an idea of how to do Sport Court lighting through this. This way, the players can practice Netball during long night hours. 

Review, and you’re done: Before letting players play, check if everything is the right size and in the right place according to the netball rules. Keep looking after the court. Check the surface, lines, and equipment often so everyone can play safely and have fun. Think about putting seats along the sides so standbys can sit and watch. Have fun watching players play on the netball court that you constructed! 


We hope you found the answers you needed about making a netball court. When the court is carefully planned and built just right, it gives players a great place to play their best. We know that things like how the court looks, and the lights can make a big difference for players. So, make sure you think about each part while constructing. Lastly, don’t forget to double-check everything to keep the players safe while they’re playing netball!


The cost can vary, ranging from $8,000 to $100,000. The amount depends on factors like the court’s size, the materials used, and any additional features.

Hot Mix Asphalt is a commonly chosen base material. Due to its sturdiness and durability in sports like netball, it’s the best pick among builders.

The measurements are as follows: The sidelines are 30.5 meters long, the goal lines are 15.25 meters long, the goal circle has a radius of 4.90 meters, and the center circle has a diameter of 0.90 meters.

Netball courts can be built using different materials, including synthetic all-weather artificial grass, EPDM polymeric rubber surfacing, and asphalt tarmacadam. Aside from the surface base, you’ll need slip-resistant paint for marking and two netball posts.

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