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Netball Court Maintenance-Professional Methods

Maintaining a netball court in great shape isn’t just important–it’s like giving your favorite game a high-five for safety, better playtime, and overall longevity. If you’re a court owner or a player, knowing how to maintain a netball court matters. We’ve made things super simple by splitting the process into easy steps for both proactive and reactive care.

Start off by tackling easy jobs like cleaning, then move on to fancier stuff like resurfacing and marking. Furthermore, we’ve got your back on keeping those netball net posts in tip-top shape to avoid any injuries during the game. By following these steps, you’ll ensure safety and fun while preventing expensive fixes. 

Proactive Maintenance-Netball court cleaning

To maintain any type of sports court, regular cleaning is always the go-to step. This regular upkeep method is called Proactive maintenance. If your Netball court is brand new, simple sweeping every day will ensure its durability. Get a sturdy broom or mechanical sweeper to clean the court with ease. Here are two things to pay attention to while cleaning the Netball court surface: 

Moss and Algae Treatment

For outdoor netball courts, algae and moss removal is needed for the longevity of the court surface. This proactive approach maintains the court’s look and safety by stopping contamination early on. We use Multi-Surface Moss Cleaner to prevent the growth of moss and algae on our Netball courts. 

Tripping Hazard Prevention

A critical step in court maintenance is removing any visible litter or obvious trash. If the court is not clear, it’ll affect the hygiene of players and even injure them seriously. On outdoor courts, make sure you keep it leaves-free. Simply take away any stones, papers, leaves, branches, or anything that could make someone trip. 

Power Washing for Deep Cleaning

For more thorough cleaning, consider power washing the court’s surface. This method works well to get rid of tough dirt. But be careful not to harm the court’s paint and surface while cleaning. We also recommend using Crack filler for any cracks you find on the court after washing. This helps make sure the netball court stays durable. 

Reactive Preservation-Netball court resurfacing

No matter how regularly maintained, the court, surface, and marking will fade–that’s where the Reactive approach comes in. It might be time to consider a netball court resurfacing if crack fillers don’t do the job. Here’s all you need to do in Reactive maintenance of Netball courts. 

Netball Court Repairs

We don’t recommend doing this by yourself if you have large Netball courts. Try professional Netball Court Repair services to get robust resurfacing. However, if you’re dealing with a smaller court, resurfacing compounds tailored to the court’s surface can help. Whether it’s a polymer or macadam surface, these compounds can make the court brand new. 

Maintaining Netball Court Markings and Lines

Once the netball court resurfacing is complete, you’ll find that all the lines and markings have disappeared. Use paint or tape for drawing visible lines and marking according to the netball court layout.  We recommend using high-quality, vibrant, slip-resistant, and weather-resistant paint for smooth gameplay. 

Netball Net maintenance

When it comes to maintaining netball courts, it’s not just about the surface. Keeping netball nets and posts in top condition is something many people overlook, but it’s still important. Maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean a complete replacement of netball posts; sometimes, a little improvement can go a long way. 

netball Court maintenance pros

Rather than investing in entirely new netball net posts, just replace the net on your netball goalposts. Additionally, consider applying a rust-resistant coating to the netball posts to ensure both durability and a better visual appeal. 

Lastly, ensure the net posts are securely and firmly anchored. By maintaining netball nets and posts, you improve game quality and player safety. Therefore, we don’t recommend skipping this! First know your netball court dimensions to keep it maintained.

Netball Court Drainage

If present, one optional yet important action is to check the drainage systems. These systems are crucial in reducing issues and maintaining the court surface. Pay attention to this, especially during rainy seasons, as courts can suffer from waterlogging. Furthermore, in places where winters are very cold, using safe deicing products can help protect the court and keep it in good condition after netball court construction.

Importance of court maintenance

  • Impact on Player Safety and Game Quality:

Beyond aesthetics, court maintenance impacts player safety and the game’s quality. When a court is taken care of, it helps players not slip or fall and get hurt. Also, lines and marks that are clear make it easy to see and move around correctly.

Enhancing the Spectator Experience

Maintenance isn’t limited to the playing surface – clean and safe spectator areas enhance the court’s overall appeal. Good lights, seats, and a place to stay dry all make the game a positive experience for players and people watching.

Preventing Weather-Related Damage

Outdoor Netball courts deal with all kinds of weather, like rain, snow, and very hot or cold temperatures. These things can damage the court, which makes them break. With regular maintenance that involves weatherproofing measures, you can protect the court and reduce the frequency of repairs.

Prolonging the Lifespan of the Court

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the court. It’s tested that proper cleaning, repairing cracks, and addressing drainage issues prevent minor problems from turning into major repairs. This helps save money in the long run by avoiding the need for extensive renovations or replacements.


Netball court maintenance is not a one-time procedure. Make sure to clean it at least once a week and repair it after three months. A well-maintained Netball court is worth the time and money spent as it elevates players’ performance and security. When the court is in good shape, everyone can have fun and play their best. Lastly, keep this Netball Court maintenance checklist for simplifying the procedure: 

  • Sweep the court surface daily for regular upkeep.
  • Remove litter and debris to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Use tailored resurfacing compounds to repaint. 
  • Redraw court markings and lines after resurfacing.
  • Replace net on goalposts instead of entire netball net posts.
  •  Apply rust-resistant coating to netball posts.
  •  Ensure net posts are securely anchored.
  • Pay extra attention to drainage during rainy seasons. (Optional) 


Regularly sweep the court at least once a week to prevent debris buildup.

We recommend doing court resurfacing during the offseason to ensure readiness for the season. Consult court maintenance experts to determine the optimal timing for your specific court.

No, Regular paint may not provide the needed durability and visibility for netball court markings.

The cost varies based on court size, condition, required repairs, and surface type. Contact Netball court maintenance professionals near you for a personalized overview based on your court’s needs.



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