Netball vs Basketball court

Netball vs Basketball Court-Difference And The Rules

Curious about how the courts of two popular sports, netball and basketball, compare? A usual netball court is roughly 30 meters by 15 meters, giving lots of room for team action. On the other hand, a regular basketball court is a bit bigger, with measurements of 28.6 meters by 15 meters. 

But there’s more to these sports than just court size. There are other differences like court markings, number of players, and more. We’re going to lay out the main differences between netball and basketball in a way that’s easy to get. Whether you’re a fan of one or simply curious about both, we’ve got you covered. Let’s check out what sets netball and basketball courts apart!

Differences Between Netball and Basketball Court

Take a good look at the layout of both courts to see how they’re different. This will help you understand the measurements and markings on each court. When you check out the layout and read on, it’ll be easy to spot the contrasts.

Netball vs. Basketball Court Layout

This is what a netball court looks like.

netball Court Layout

And this is the Basketball court layout: 

Basketball court layout

Here’s an overview for simplifying the contrast between Netball and Basketball:

Aspect Netball Basketball
Court size Length: 100 feet, Width: 50 feetLength: 94 feet, Width: 50 feet
Goalpost Height 10 feet tall10 feet high
Ring Diameter15 inches(uses hoop)18-inch rim diameter
Backboard SizeNot applicable (uses a ring without backboard)72 inches wide and 42 inches tall
No. of Players 7 players with specific roles5 players with more open movement
Duration Quarters: 15 minutesQuarters: 12 minutes
Resting time 3-minute resting time between each10-minute rest after the 2nd quarter
Scoring system 1 point per goal (inside shooting circle)2 or 3 points for field goals and 1 point for free throws
Equipment Size 5 ballRegulation size 7 ball

Netball vs. Basketball court dimensions

A regular netball court is about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. That gives players enough room to move around while keeping a fair distance between teams. Now, when it comes to a standard basketball court, it’s a bit bigger, at about 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. 

(Just to help you picture it, that’s about 30 meters long and 15 meters wide for the netball court and about 28.6 meters long and 15 meters wide for the basketball court.)

Netball court markings vs. Basketball court markings

In a netball court, you’ll find markings like the Centre Circle, Shooting Circle, and Goal Third lines. Whereas, On a basketball court, you’ll see markings such as Free Throw Lines, Key Areas, and Three-Point Lines. Here’s what they mean: 

Netball court markings

Center Circle: The center circle in netball is like the heart of the game, and it’s about 4.9 feet wide. It determines where players can stand or move when a center pass is being taken.

Shooting Circle: It’s like a half-moon-shaped area near the net, and only certain players from the attacking side can stand here to shoot goals.

Goal Third Lines: The goal third lines divide the court into three zones as shown above. They tell players where they can and can’t go during the game.

Basketball Court Markings

Free Throw Line: In basketball, there’s a line 15 feet away from the basket. When players get fouled, they get a chance to shoot free throws from here.

Key Area(or the Paint): This is a big rectangular area near the basket. It’s important for fouls and where players stand when defending.

Three-Point Line: Think of this line as a big hoop around the key area. When a player scores from beyond this line, they get three points instead of just two.

Netball Court Rules vs. Basketball Court Rules

Netball Court Features

Goalposts Height and Structure: Netball goalposts are 10 feet tall. They are designed to handle powerful goal attempts.

Ring Diameter: The netball ring measures 15 inches in diameter and has a net to catch successful goals.

Basketball Court Features

Hoop Height and Diameter: The height difference isn’t much and it only differs by 10mm from Netball height but the diameter is significantly bigger. Basketball hoops are set at 10 feet high with an 18-inch rim diameter. 

Backboard Size and Material: Backboards vary in size but are typically 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall. 

Netball vs Basketball court

Other differences Between Netball And Basketball

When it comes to comparing Netball and Basketball, it’s not just about the court. Let’s dive into other features that are different between these two popular sports:  


  • Ball Size: Netball uses a smaller size 5 ball, whereas Basketball goes big with a regulation size 7 ball. Both have differences in diameter, respectively.
  • Hoop and Backboard: From features, you already know that backboard and hoop sizes are different. Basketball’s bigger ball matches its hoop, which has a backboard. But Netball’s hoop is smaller and doesn’t have a backboard.

Player Positions and Movement

  • Player Roles: Netball assigns specific roles and positions to 7 players. In Basketball, the game is more open, with 5 players per team. 
  • Movement across the court: One major way netball and basketball are different is how players move on the court. In netball, each player has a specific job and place to stand. In basketball, players can move all around the court without strict positions.
  • Ball Handling: Basketball involves dribbling the ball or passing it to a teammate. Dribbling isn’t allowed in Netball. Netball players must pass within 3 seconds of touching the ball.  Netball players really need to work together and be in the right places on the court to be successful.

Scoring system 

In Basketball, you get 2 or 3 points for a field goal and 1 point for a free throw. You can score from anywhere on the court. In Netball, each goal is worth 1 point, and you can only score from inside the shooting circle, handled by the Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

Game Duration and Structure

  • Quarters: Both sports use the same time unit but with different duration. In basketball, each quarter is 12 minutes long, and there’s a 10-minute rest after the second quarter. However, in netball, quarters are 15 minutes long, and there’s a 3-minute resting time in-between each.
  • Contact: Netball is a sport where you can’t touch or bother your opponents when they are passing or shooting the ball. You can only make contact with them if you don’t disturb their team’s strategy. Plus, you have to stay at least 35 inches away when they’re passing the ball.


As athletes, even tiny differences can make the playing experience one-of-a-kind. If you like things organized and precise, netball is for you. But if you’re into fast and dynamic action, basketball is the best choice. Each sport has its own challenges and thrills. So, which one you pick depends on what you like and how you like to play.


Netball courts are generally less expensive to make because they’re smaller and need fewer extras. But prices can differ, so get quotes from local builders for an accurate estimate.

Netball courts are made just for the game, making it better for playing safely. They’re smaller, easier on the wallet to build and keep up, and come with clear markings and no backboards, giving you a unique playing experience.

Both are team sports where you shoot a ball into a hoop for points. They share player positions, teamwork, and a competitive spirit. But their rules, court sizes, and how you play them are quite different.

It depends on you! What’s harder varies from person to person. Netball needs precision and teamwork, whereas Basketball calls for athleticism and quick decisions.

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